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2017, the dream set sail - Guangzhou Fenlin swimming pool & sauna equipment Co., Ltd.

January 7th, 2017, Guangzhou Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming Pool & Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd. held the meeting of 2016 annual summary and 2017 openning ceremony in Guangzhou Weiss Business Center.

For this annual meeting, we attached particularly importance to it, we started the preparatory work at the very beginning. Our general manager Mrs Liu even invited the makeup artist, to make us show the most perfect state to attend this annual meeting.



In the afternoon, the meeting began officially, firstly a beautiful opening show, all the participants in the form of team, show themselves on the stage one by one.


Then, the partners of the golden team, shark team and the Dragon team from foreign trade department brought a wonderful opening dance performances.


After the dancing, everyone was not contented, the beauty host in everyone's kind invitation, offered a piece of solo dancing.


By the end of the ball rolling, all stood up, read "Finlin declaration ", the meeting officially entered the theme.


Mr Huang made the leader speech to us.


Next, the hosts announced the summary and awards of December.


First order award, sales champion and other awards announced one by one.


As well as the PK of foreign trade department VS the logistics department, and from the beginning of October, a 3 months period of performance PK, also announced here and fulfilled their promise on the stage.


Lottery part


Fenlin has produced people more talent than seems, the partners who can singing and dancing were blooming, at this annual meeting, they were not about to be bested, performed on stage one by one.


Playing game- Who is undercover


One of the highlights: summary and awards for the 45 days shooting of the end of this year.

During 45 days of activities, Emerged many outstanding performance partners, especially several new partners, can be said Blue from indigo plant is deeper than its origin.The reward they have in their hands is the greatest reward for their efforts during the event.


The Eagle team and the shark team brought a skit, so that everyone laughed and laughed.


lottery draw again, who will be the lucker this time?


The second half began, Manager Huang from the foreign trade department gave a annual summary of 2016 for us.


At this moment, the 2016 annual performance charts TOP5 are finally settled, let us look at who are they, finally get the chances to the Thailand tourism.


Then, the staff representatives and the leaders of each team also made speeches on stage about their plan in 2017.



During this periiod, two partners sang a song “Later", led up the slightly dull atmosphere of the annual planning.


At the end of the meeting, Mrs Liu also came to the stage to talk about the company's development process, reviewed a variety of events the Finlin experienced in 2016, as well as the outlook of  2017 plan, of course, there are many awards waiting for everyone.


The new year, the new starting point, with the full enthusiasm and heroic passion of Fenlin people, plug the wings to fly, to describe the fragrance chapter of Fenlin development!


2017, dream set sail.


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