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How to Choose A Nozzle in The Fountain Design

Writer: Nicole  Mob/whatsapp: 0086 18922291625
With the improvement of people's living standards, people's environmental requirements are also improving, thus driving the water fountain industry in the real estate market and urbanization development. As a water fountain project soul, fountain design is the most important part of the fountain project. And the fountain nozzle determines the shape of the fountain. Therefore, the fountain designers need to consider how to choose the nozzle to express the design concept of the mood and to shock the water landscape effect when designing the water fountain. During the fountain design process, the key lies in the fountain expressed by the mood to confirm the required fountain nozzle, and consider the use of different nozzle conditions. 
Adjustable Three flower nozzle.jpg
Taking into account the corrosion of fountain nozzle , we usually use brass or stainless steel material, and these two materials can not fade, and they are more durable. According to the design concept to determine the main fountain water spray nozzle, and then consider to choose the different models of the same nozzle. The important factors are water pressure, flow rate, spray height, spray diameter, and the type and mounting dimensions of the connecting pipe.
directional  tower cedar nozzle
Indoor fountain pump supplier project have some features such as small wind, small gray, and quiet environment, you can use hemisphere and morning glory and other jet slim which are sound steady nozzles; on the contrary, the fireworks nozzle, three layers of flowers and rotating nozzle are more suitable for outdoor square fountain projects due to the surrounding environment.
In short, the choice for the fountain nozzle is very important so that we can make the fountain landscape as a building or a work of art to the extreme.
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Mob/whatsapp: 0086 18922291625

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