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Music dancing fountain

Music fountain manufacturers perfectly combine the water spray with the music and colorful lights, It looks like the water is dancing with the rhythm and beat of the music, which is also called dancing Fountain.
For small fountain, it can control the water feature by the PLC controller, which can be programmed to change the water movement. For big fountain, it should use the multimedia control system. In this system, the computer firstly identifies audio frequency and the MIDI signal, and then converts into instructions and output to control system to command the water performance and lights. 
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Guangzhou Fenlin is a factory which is devoted to design and manufacture new fountains according to different requirement, and successfully invent floating fountains and other unique fountains for different projects in different countries. Elegant dancing fountain, interesting running fountain, spectacular big fountain, seagull fountain, movie screen fountain, digital fountain and magnificent high fountain. Application: personal house, villa, hotel, garden, square, park, lake, harbor and sea.
Music dancing fountain is a beautiful scenery.
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