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Swimming pool cleaning equipment

Swimming has always been one of the sports people love, especially in the summer. The swimming pool has several major systems and wholesale swimming pool equipment, divided into filtration, disinfection, lighting, cleaning, near the system. The swimming pool cleaning system is one of the important systems.
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The pool cleaning tools can be divided into manual and automatic. Manual tools including manual suction machine, suction pool head, pool brush, leaf net and plastic handle and so on.
Our pool brush,made of plastic,solid hair brush ,can made the pool seems crystal ,and bring a beautiful environment  and fresh water for people to swim.which mainly export to Europe ,Asia ,Australia ,South-America,Africa ,ect.Unique design is very popular ,meet customers' taste ,and arise many people’s interest.
Plastic handle with a 360-degree turn, so that smear more convenient, no dead air pollution, so that the pool cleaner. Convenient and practical. The bottom of the disk in the direction of the mouth around the distribution of seven plastic brush, suction dirt will be stubbornly attached to the bottom of the dirt brush, easy to suck, plastic brush does not hurt the bottom of the pool, suitable for any material Swimming pool.
Automatic cleaning tools is cleaning robot,Automatic swimming pool cleaner is a late-model cleaning equipment nowadays. It is made up of three parts: cleaner machine, power supply box and trolley with operating . The cleaning machine is controlled  by remote controller. It does not need to change water after cleaning utterly changes the traditional way of pool cleaning.
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If you work in pool business or you have your own pool in house, please feel free to contact me to ask for cleaner information.
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