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Spring air supply, Vientiane update - Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming Pool &Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd. April start meeting

April 5th afternoon, Guangzhou Fenlin swimming pool & sauna equipment Co., Ltd. held a grand meeting about summary in March 2017 and start in April
Attended the meeting, in addition to all the members of the office, the more fortunate to invote the factory logistics department partners to participate.
After the warm show program, the start will be officially entered the theme.
The first part is our new welcoming ceremony.
In the past month, there are several partners to join the Finnish family. Through the new welcoming ceremony, let us know about them.


And then the awards session, in recognition of the outstanding performance partners in March.
Look at the bright smile on their faces.



Unknowingly, the first quarter of 2017 has passed, remember that we said at the beginning of the annual awards - Bali Island tour, and now let us look at their performance.
See the coconut trunk on the space of what, painted full, on behalf of the qualifications of the Bali Island tour! Come on!


There has been a Fenlin corporate culture-- love gifts part.


And then by the Ministry of Foreign Trade , Manager Huang for us to sum up in March.


After 10 minutes intermission, the product knowledge contest began. Answer questions, risk questions, which team will be better in the current round of it?


After the game, it is April outlook, by the two host to explain. In the meantime, Boss Liu throws a rich reward for overweight, there are small partners that should reward the income in the bag, to meet the challenge. Whether they will not succeed, next month see the outcome.


Boss Liu encourages speech.


Take pictures as memories


But the start will not end, then there is the last part - employee birthday party. Birthday song sounded, birthday stars wish, blowing candles, cut the cake.


The fun of life is that tomorrow is never known, always beautiful, we are always looking forward to!

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