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dry sauna and wet sauna

Sauna steam room is also called sweat steam room, originated in Finland, it includes dry steam room and wet steam room, but people usually say that the sauna is dry steam room, steam room is wet steam room. Traditional sauna is the use of burning mineral stone, in the above spilled water to produce steam, and modern is the use of far infrared and negative ions to achieve the effect of sauna, sauna room with weight loss, detoxification, rheumatism and other effects, much consumer favorite
Dry  Sauna
Is the use of electric heating equipment (carbon crystal heating plate, ceramic heater, etc.) with direct heating after the heat will release the heat to the sauna room temperature, and people perspiration. Dry steam temperature is higher than the wet steam, up to about 100 ℃. Dry steam because there is no water, especially for rheumatoid patients, while no steam taste, steam up the nose will be more comfortable, breathing up nor oppressed. But the steaming finished the skin will be more dry, so dry steam and dry steam before the process to drink plenty of water
Wet  Sauna:
Is the use of steam boilers to boil the water to produce steam, and then through the pipeline, the steam produced by plenty of water. Temperature is generally controlled at about 50 ℃. Ladies often choose wet steam, because after the steaming, the skin will be rosy than before, water spirit, but breathing will feel oppressed and so discomfort. Wet steam is also the body sweat, so wet steam before and wet steaming process should also add more water.
There are many different styles of sauna, please refer to the following picture

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