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Music fountain

Music fountain is controlled by the music rhythm. When music  pitch high, fountain splashing the water column on the high, the air are all filled with water mist. When low pitch, fountain splashing the water column is low.  If the music suddenly stopped, In the air of the water column will be violent to fall, splashing water, wet onlookers of the clothes, but people still reluctant  to leave.


Fountain with the ups and downs of the music, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes majestic, sometimes moderate… the water spray out of the colorful, yellow, red, blue, green, and pink, very beautiful and spectacular. The shape of the musical fountain is also varied. Some like a staggered arch bridge, some like a straight pillar, and some like open flowers. Whenever the fountain accompanied the music to show to people its magic and charming style, many visitors are happily watching, linger.

When the sprayed water falls, the river will be rippling in a circle of ripples, people will feel like there’s a paradise on the earth!


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