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    pool water curtain

    We are stainless steel pool water curtain manufacture. Many different designs can be provided according to your real requirements. Free prefessional guidance will reduce your cost dramatically. So do contact with us for further information.
    pool water curtain uses the power of high speed water pillar, to knead the head, neck, shoulder and back. It can wake the prain, reduce the headpain, remove the tire, relas the muscles, and remove the pain from the shoulder.
    The digital pool water curtain normally hang height at 3-12M. Water can fall down any pictures,logos and words. 
    Graphic pool water curtain system is through the free waterfall to fit any text or patterns you need.The length of the water can be separated from the water nozzle to reach the surface of the moment the required graphics, text, company LOGO,underwater or above with different color LED lights, the display of the text graphics will also show a colorful magical effect.
    Product characteristic:
    Novelty: through the free waterfall to fit any patterns you like.
    Suit public:Human has been pursuing a higher quality water landscape
    Highlight theme: Water media advertise,quick display of theme content
    Obvious Effect:full of characteristics, attractive, sensational effect.
  • Water writing digital water curtain

    Water writing digital water curtainMore >

    We have do many projects of this pool water curtain.It can permanent use also can for rent,usually use at big shopping mall,Hotel,restaurant,show,advertising,stage,wedding,etc.

  • Digital Water Curtain for wedding show

    Digital Water Curtain for wedding showMore >

    Digital pool water curtain can make a kind of conspicuous striations or water curtain. The strips waterline drop down from the air, sparkling and cause a kind of genial atmosphere.  The lighting effect is remarkable at night.



    Fenlin always Striving in creating, quality and service for pool water equipments,such as pool water curtain, pool water punp and so on. HAYWARD filter circulating pump, According to the principle of hydraulic design of the pump body, pump and impeller using high-strength engineering plastics, which is very durable. Large filter basket capacity, greatly reduced the cleaning work.

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