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Vichy shower spa massage bed

Vichy shower spa is a real use of Italy advanced high pressure water column fluctuation technology, the use of high pressure wave hydrotherapy combined with high-tech energy IPL, the effective realization of water molecules in the oil and marine mineral mud deposited all the effective substances in the role Deep organization within the body. Accelerate the activation of the body cells, enhance blood circulation, improve the metabolic capacity and body oxygen content, play a lymphatic detoxification, weight loss body sculpting, physical fitness and the role of effective inhibition of the body pustules, pigmentation formation, improve the dark skin The

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1. Hydrotherapy can fully absorb the favorable elements in the water, the heat generated by the flow, kinetic energy, molecular radiation can be fully effective in the body's deep tissue. Resulting in the effect of massage, called hydraulic massage.

2. Hydraulic massage with high permeability, the heat and pressure can reach the body's internal deep tissue and spread to its surroundings, to achieve soothing nerves, refreshing effect.

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3 high frequency of hydraulic massage, through different rhythms, different directions of massage transformation, to achieve the effect of three-dimensional body massage.

4. Water massage range, hydro massage can clear the meridians, speed up blood reflux, improve blood supply; eliminate fatigue, so that the body easily stretch, promote gastrointestinal motility, relieve constipation, to improve gastrointestinal function, lifting the body parts of the pain and discomfort ; To accelerate the relaxation of muscle contraction, restore skin elasticity; reduce mental stress, improve sleep quality, promote metabolism, weight loss, self-cultivation. Comparison of hydro massage and other massage: hydro massage will not be due to the uneven degree of the body caused by the organization of the nerve, blood vessels are damaged, the intensity of water massage evenly, while you are in the spa, you can enjoy the spirit of relaxation, physical and mental rest body.

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