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2016 China Swimming pool Bathing & SPA industry development Summit Forum


November 23, 2016, to "exchange, cooperation, development, win-win" as the theme of "2016 China Swimming pool Bathing & SPA industry development Summit Forum" was held in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming Pool Sauna Co., Ltd. was invited to take part in this time industry festiva


This meeting around industry new products, new technical, new dynamic etc hot topic, On the innovation and development of the industry and other aspects of the peak dialogue.

Base on innovation and industry development so on, start peak dialogue、Technical communication and experience sharing, Offer communiation platform for Swimming pool Bathing & SPA industry,seek for successful and development road.

Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming pool & Sauna company as best in swimming pool and spa industy,  not only to was honored invited take parted in this meeting, but also won Swimming pool Bathing & SPA industry ten most influential brand awards.



On the conference hall was installed with purchase display platform, our company display SPA and swimming pool products attracted many customers' notice and inquiry.


The meeting set up a topic speech by experts,Zhao Xin who director and deputy chief engineer from China Architectural Design & Research Institute and green design research center; Gan Rihua who director and Chief physician from Guangdong Provincial Health Supervision Office; Wang Tiesheng who director from  former China Swimming Association and swimming equipment committee; Jing Hongbin who President from Guangdong Bath Leisure Associatio, etc. One by one are Come on stage and speech, To discuss with us  in the green, environmental protection, health, intelligence and the development trend.


Although 2016 China Swimming pool Bathing & SPA industry development Summit Forum has come to a successful conclusion, but Fenlin company will uphold the spirit of the General Assembly, in research and development of new products, technical research perseverance, strive for the pool spa SPA industry to make a due contribution.


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