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Welcome to Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming pool & Sauna Equipment Co.Ltd Online Canton Fair

In 2020, the new corona virus makes this year different. In order to adapt to the trend of the epidemic, unlike previous years, we could not launch our Canton Fair offline and changed it to live online.

Live time:
June 17-June 24


The specific live broadcast schedule for June 18 is as follows:


2020 Online Canton Fair1


In the morning, we will introduce to you the water pump, a colorful waterfall and LED swimming pool lights:

Swimming pool pumps belong to circulating water equipment, also known as swimming pool circulating pumps. It is one of the most important equipment for swimming pool engineering, and it is an important guarantee for circulating water supply in swimming pools. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of swimming pool pumps in daily work is very necessary.

Before starting the pump, you need to check: adjust the filter sand tank to the filter state; check the valve; check whether the hair collector is blocked, whether there is air, and if so, clean it in time; check whether the tank lid is leaking (the tank lid cannot leak air, To be tightened); inspection of the drug canister. Check whether air accumulates in the main return water pipeline, if any, it must be removed through the drain valve.

In the afternoon, we will introduce arc hooks:


2020 Online Canton Fair2


Our company has many different types of arc hooks for you to choose from, and can also support customization.

2020 Online Canton Fair3

Whether you are interested in swimming pool equipment, fountains, or sauna equipment, click the link below to enter our live broadcast.

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