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3T Summed up the awards ceremony



August 2, [Swordsman chess world] 3T plan - summed up the awards ceremony in China Golden Shield Hotel held a smooth, for this event to draw a successful full stop.





Recall that this month, we have sweat, there are laughter.All the way to come, foreign trade training camp, full start the General Assembly, the company visited the exchange of business and background experience and the complex summary, the company in House, etc.; from small partners have opened a single egg, to the birth of millions of heroes , Our harvest is not just performance, more is to temper the team, break through the self, beyond the limit, harvest a lot of impossible.



Can get these awards, of course, ultimately, everyone on the Finnish family support and trust. It is your letter of this support and trust, leading us to one after another glory. The next day, we will uphold the spirit of 3T, to maintain the activities of the enthusiasm and momentum, we do before the bad, do the shortcomings are slowly corrected over, to provide you with better products And service.


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