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Artificial fog machine

The fog principle of the artificial fog machine is based on natural phenomena such as water vapor, clouds and fog. It allows you to create this environment anytime, anywhere. 
Water mist can absorb a lot of heat in the air, scientific statistics, 1KG of water stimulate the floating artificial fog, the effect is equal to dissolve 7KG ice. Water from the liquid convert gaseous, so that the space temperature is increased, and to achieve the purpose of reducing air temperature. Since fog machine technology is invented, and because of its economic, efficient and convenient features, it has been widely used quickly in various industries.
Artificial fog can is widely used for landscape. It can make you feel like you were in a mountain, return to nature, such as the fairyland, improve the effect of the humanity and natural landscape to be remarkable. Landscape atomization can greatly increase the amount of negative oxygen ions in the air, no mosquitoes disturbed, greatly create and improve human survival and living environment.
Artificial fog can also be used for the fields of industries business, gardening flowers and fruits and vegetables, environmental disinfection, livestock breeding, ect.
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