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Fenlin Digital water curtain

The digital water curtain normally hang height at 3-12M. Water can fall down any pictures,logos and words. 
 Graphic pool water curtain system is through the free waterfall to fit any text or patterns you need.,Each outlet nozzle to match in the twentieth second of the ultra-high-speed micro-solenoid valve,When the main channel through the variable frequency water pump,each micro-solenoid valve in the computer program control module drive,Output text or graphics instructions, the control program is in accordance with the instructions to control the solenoid valve opening and closing time,So that the length of each water nozzle to set as required,The length of the water can be separated from the water nozzle to reach the surface of the moment the required graphics, text, company LOGO, , underwater or above with different color LED lights, the display of the text graphics will also show a colorful magical effect.
Product characteristic:
Novelty: through the free waterfall to fit any patterns you like.
Suit public:Human has been pursuing a higher quality water landscape
Highlight theme: Water media advertise,quick display of theme content
Obvious Effect:full of characteristics, attractive, sensational effect 
Building exterior wall, important business office building lobby, especially for large-scale performances, fashion release, auto show, high-end places welcome curtain, stage background large screen, ring curtain and performers interaction, large organs, enterprises, hotels Lobby, pedestrian street, high-end health, beauty, advertising activities, theaters, large shopping malls door, disco, KTV, tourist attractions, theme parks, shopping malls, shopping malls, shopping malls, Entertainment venues, science and technology museums, museums, planning museums, thematic education centers, children's science park, etc. can be used as a new display media.
The water curtain can custom make different shape and size. Like straight shape,round shape,arc shape,semi-circle shape,square shape.etc.
Led light color can be remote control. Any inquiry or question,welcome here. 
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