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Floating lane

  • FL03
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Diameter: 12cm
  • Length: 25m or 50m
  • Color: Blue, red and yellow
  • Line material: Stainless steel or plastic
  • Applications : Racing pool
  • Quality: Anti-corrosion anti-ultraviolet
Floating lane's flow through design controls water tulence by allowing wave energy to be dispersed alone the length of the lane. Creating the optimun enviroment for the fastest swimming time. Each lane consists of a series of φ11cm, φ12cm and φ15 polyethylence disks and dpnuts strung on a stainless steel cable. Each of these disks is designed to rotate independently of the others, thereby allowing the wave energy to be absorbed and dispersed alone, the channel eithin the lane. Competitor swimming pool lane rope come completely assembled.Standard color: white, red, yellow, blue.
A:Swimming pool lane rope information
Model FL03
Diametre 12cm or 15cm
Matreial polyethylence
Color white/red/yellow/blue mixed
Use Competition swimming pool lane rope
Wire material Nylon wire or stainless steel wire
Type swimming pool lane rope
MOQ 50m
Specification 25m/pc, 50m/pc



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