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High Fountain

  • High Fountain
  • Brand: Finn Forest
  • Fountain Size: Customized size
  • Water spray height: 1-50m
  • Light: AC24V RGB light
  • Material: stainless 304
  • Voltage: 380V, 50/60Hz
  • Pump: submersible fountain pump
  • Certificate: CE, SGS, COC, SASO
  • Warranty: 1 year

Basic Information

Tendency: At present,many family built their own fairytale garden ,so the small musical fountain plays an important role in it.Therefores, if you want to make your garden more beautiful,go ahead to own a fountain. And more and more wedding place will choose a small size fountain as a decoration.
1. Music fountain is the art of flow, magnificent music fountain gives infinite enjoyment, in modern urban landscape design, water is an integral part of the musical fountain is one of the very important attractions.
2. Music fountain application of modern circulatory system, can make water Smart up, to avoid the formation of stagnant water, smelly water, which can effectively save water resources, strengthen the use of waste water.
3. Music fountain modeling rich, observable. Music fountain can form a spectacular sound landscape, with the music is more attractive, can form a variety of shapes, lively, spectacular colorful night landscape, is the theme of the night to enjoy.
4. Music fountain can use the water system, while music fountain water can be reused green water, so to achieve the purpose of saving water. In addition, the music fountain can also increase the humidity of the air.


Fountain accessories:

  • 1. Nozzle(stainless steel 304)
  • 2. Led lights(Plastic or stainless steel)
  • 3. Water pump(cast-iron and stainless steel)
  • 4. Fountain stand(stainless steel)
  • 5. Music controller
  • 6. Other accessories like ball valves



High fountain

Fountain Size

Customized size

Water spray height

1-50m, as required


Stainless Steel 304,Iron Pump,LED Lights


Change automatically


Square, park, lake, sea, ect.



Packing & Application

fountain packing_1

Factory production workshop

factory production picture

Container loading pictures

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