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How to Maintain The Fountain Equipment

The routine maintenance of fountain equipment is very important. Reasonable maintenance can ensure that the system is running well, it can reduce the fault and to avoid leakage or other dangerous accidents.
Inspection of fountain equipment
Inspection of fountain light
Fountain light should be inspected and tighten the loose screws every month so that can avoid the light body caused by short-circuit fault.
Inspection of underwater cable
Underwater cable should be inspected the aging situation semiannually to avoid unnecessary losses.
Inspection of fountain electrical appliances
Fountain electrical equipment should be maintained regularly, the electrical equipment in the cabinet should be detected once a half year. Please note that the maintenance of electrical equipment should be carried out under the conditions of cutting off the power supply.
Cleaning of fountain equipment
Cleaning of fountain pump
The suction port of music fountain manufacturers should be cleaned monthly to prevent dirt from plugging the suction, reducing the efficiency and even causing damage to equipment. Submersible pumps must be exposed to cold water during the outage in winter to avoid freezing damage to the pump.
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