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How to choose lifeguard chair

The lifeguard chair is the necessary equipment for the commercial swimming pool. For the safety of the swimming pool heater, the choice of lifeguard chair has to be careful. Generally, you can consider the following factors.
1. Height
There are two height of the lifeguard chair. The swimming pool standard lifeguard chair, height is 1.9 meters. To be use on the beach, lifeguard chair 2.5 meters high.
2. Material:
The material of the lifeguard chair should be of high corrosion resistance. Therefore, the lifeguard chair should use stainless steel. Stainless steel 202 and 304 are the material of highest corrosion resistance, exquisite workmanship, convenient for transport.
    lifeguard chair 3.jpg
The number of swimming pool lifeguard chair should be configured according to the number of lifeguards. National standard, one lifeguard each 250 square meter. So the number of lifeguard chair can be calculated according to the area of the pool. Of course, you can keep one piece lifeguard chair as inventory.
4. Practical, comfort
The lifeguard would sit on a lifeguard chair for several hours a day, so the lifeguard chair must be practical and reliable.The shape and backrest of the chair should be consider to fit the body, should be comfortable to sit, and not be tired after sitting for a long time. There is also a hook on side of the seat, the lifeguard can hang an vacuum cup on it.
To purchase lifeguard chair, it should consider both the price and quality. If you buy the lifeguard chair in local, welded type is recommended, which price is affordable, safe and reliable. If to buy lifeguard chair from factory far away, it is recommended to buy  the removable lifeguard chair, unit price is higher, but the freight will be much cheaper. Quality is also first-class, safe and reliable.
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