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How to make the heat exchanger more efficient

The efficiency of the pool heat exchanger can be defined in a number of ways, with several key factors to consider in terms of thermal performance;
Temperature difference - as described in Point 3 (Temperature Cross), the difference between the hot fluid and the coolant is very important when designing the heat exchanger. The coolant is always required at a lower temperature than the hot fluid. The cooler coolant temperature will lower the coolant temperature, while the heat of the hot liquid is higher than the temperature of the coolant. For example, if you drink a cup of drinking water at room temperature, use ice instead of cold water to cool down more effectively, which also applies to heat exchangers.
heater exchanger produce.jpg
Flow - Another important factor is the fluid on the primary and secondary sides of the heat exchanger. A larger flow rate will increase the ability of the exchanger to transfer hea t, but a larger flow rate also means greater quality, which may make it more difficult to remove energy and increase speed and pressure losses.
Installation - The heat exchanger should always be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. In general, the most efficient way to install a heat exchanger is to flow the fluid in a countercurrent arrangement (so that if the coolant travels from left to right and the hot fluid travels from right to left), and for shell and tube heat exchangers, The agent should enter the lowest inlet position (as shown above) to ensure that the heat exchanger is always filled with water. For air-cooled heat exchangers, it is important to consider air flow when installing the cooler, and any part of the blocked core will damage the cooling capacity.
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