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Intergrated design hand push type pollution machine

  • S500
  • Rated power:1100w
  • Supply voltage:220V/50Hz/60Hz/24V
  • Suction width:50mm
  • Filtering device:High density filter bag(optional)
  • Walking speed:20m/min
  • Cable length:10-20m(can be customized)
  • Product specification(mm):520L*500W*460H
  • Weight:19kg
  • Waterproof grade:IP68
  • Authentication:EU CE certufucation

Basic Information

Operation is simple and convenient, flexible, and high cleaning efficiency, integrated design, clean and complete, connect drain directly(talking bag), single action. Remote control switch machine, safe, reliable, built-in overcurrent and overvoltage and residual current protective devices. Pump motors and running gear using advanced dual waterproof structure, acid corrosion. Solid body, is guarantee of quality, but also your good helper to save time and effort and durable.

This product is a substitute for traditional bank-based sewage suction machine new product solves the shortcomings of traditional sewage suction machine(emptying of the water each time you see), and solving common disadvantage of suction brush, optimized to be bobbing up and down of new double-row brush. Solving Bank-water suction machine, electricity, small suction problems.


Suitable Places: All kinds of swimming pool Play pool Hot spring pools sauna pool landscape pool factory aquatic breeding and so on.


Fouling efficiency 100-300m2/h
Discharge of sewage 15m3/h
Rated power 1100w
Walking speed 20m/min
Weight 19kg



Packing & Application

suction head package

Factory production workshop

water pumps loading container

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