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Pool Heat Pump

Pool Heat Pump
Constant temperature swimming pool, also known as indoor heated swimming pool; is the swimming pool of water temperature maintained at 26-28 degrees, suitable for human temperature. Thermostatic swimming pool equipment is specially used for swimming pool heating equipment, swimming pool water chloride ion, swimming pool pump suppliers,with energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, durable and so on.
working principle
Indoor swimming pool in the design of the time through the gas boiler, oil boilers, including the latest use of the pool heat pump, gas boiler and flat solar system combined with the way the indoor swimming pool of water heating.
Constant temperature swimming pool equipment system
Winter heat pump is a refrigerant as a heat medium, in the air to absorb heat (indirect heat exchanger in the evaporator), the compressor will be low temperature heat energy is promoted to high temperature thermal energy, heating system circulating water (in the middle of the condenser Heat), the summer heat pump is refrigerant as refrigerant, in the air to absorb the cooling capacity (indirect heat exchanger in the condenser), the compressor will be high temperature heat down to low temperature cold energy, refrigeration system circulating water (in the (Cold energy) can be directly used in direct heat (cold energy), get only a small amount of power consumption, and get 2 to 6 times the input power of the energy-saving return , Which is determined by the working principle of the heat pump.
Energy efficient: the use of heat pump technology, the unit directly heated swimming pool water, the annual average energy efficiency up to 5.0, with the traditional heating method (boiler + plate heat exchanger) compared to operating costs can save 65% to 80%.
Safety and environmental protection: water and electricity isolation, no combustion, no leakage, leakage, no pollution, the complete elimination of electric shock, poisoning, explosion and other hazards, the use of safety and environmental protection.
Durable: patented technology of dual-process titanium coil, to withstand the erosion of chloride ions in water, completely harmless to the human body, stable performance, durable.
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