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Sauna product development and production

Sauna heater manufactures,  originated in the late 18th century, the Bokai sauna is very delicate, inlaid in the center of the floor; at the same time the height of the room is reduced, so that more uniform heat, low temperature increases, can reduce the seat. The heating system of the Boche sauna is also changed from traditional dry steam to a variety of different forms of heating, such as steaming with steam.
The traditional sauna is heated by burning wood, with a remarkable farming color. With the development of the urbanization process, this feature is incompatible with modern lifestyles. So the last century 30's, to electricity for the energy of the sauna furnace available. Thanks to the progress of science and technology, sauna furnaces are constantly upgrading, and now people have to do is press the switch, the resistance wire will continue to heat the stone. Safe and convenient, so that the sauna in an unprecedented depth and breadth of penetration into people's lives
Fen Lin company engaged in sauna product development and production has been 12 years, we have been adhering to science and technology as the guide, the quality of the concept of development to operate the company. These years our company has done a batch of another batch of good quality, affordable sauna stove.

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