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Spa waterfall

The cheerful splashing of flowing water will instantly turn any pool into a tempting bathing paradise. What sounds so vivid and fresh also has an optical attraction - the revitalising moisture pours into your swimming pool spa like a waterfall - in the form of a uniformed veil of water, a closed curtain, a round arc concentrated on a single point, a magnificent waterfall of a full rounded screen, it lends a special architectural touch to the ambiance.
Water curtain systems offer even more. Not only do they provide acoustic and optical enrichment to your bathing experiences but you can also enjoy the gently massaging effect which can be tailored from gentle to invigorating. 
The powerful veil of water on your upper body, neck and shoulders - instantly helps you to forget all the stress and strains of everyday life, uses the power of high speed water pillar, to knead the head, neck, shoulder and back. It can wake the brain, reduce the head pain, remove the tire, relax the muscles, and remove the pain from the shoulder.
For the waterfall material, the main material is stainless steel 304 or 316, 304 normally will be used in fresh water, ss 316 in salty water. There are also many models for your choice, if you have needs,please feel free to contact us.

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