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Stainless steel material waterfall for selection

If you like closed nature when you are tired, if you touch waterfall in hot seasons, if you want to see water curtain landscape but far away your home. 
How to reach our small wishes? How to meet customer this requirement? How to give an satisfied environment to your families? Do you want a Full of vitality pond? Do you want a colorful waterfall view? Do you want a very quiet place, only can listen water flow sound and bird singing?
Then build your own pond waterfall or water curtain, they are some of tips for you:
1. Select a location where you can readily enjoy your swimming pool spa, close to a patio or visible from a window. Don't stick your pond in the back corner of your yard where only the squirrels will enjoy it.
2. all area. It will save you the hassle of having it hauled away or running it around your yard in a wheelbarrow.
3. Before you start digging, lay on the ground the water circulation pipe that goes from the pump to the waterfall. Throw the excavated soil on top of it. This will save you the work of digging a trench to bury the pipe.
4. Use a tablet-style fertilizer pressed into the soil around your nearby landscape plantings so the nutrients don't leach into the water.
5. The one of most important tips, before building waterfall, take your phone or directly contact waterfall expert. Just tell them the area size and idea, they will suggest the beautiful  and suitable one for you. Following are some of design for selection: 
Stainless steel material waterfall for selection:
Stainless steel colorful line curtain
Any size can be customize, Welcome to contact as following:
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