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Swimming Pool Racing Lane Lines

Swimming Pool Racing Lane Lines Outperform the Competition! Equipped with more wave quelling fins and greater surface area than other swimming lane lines from the swimming pool accessories suppliers, fenlin racing lane lines promote the highest levels of athletic ability and performance. They are has following 7 model for selection,
The design of Racing Lane allows waves to be dispersed along the channel of revolving disks. This helps maximize control of the water surface -especially important for competitive swimming.
Every lane from Guangzhou Fenlin Fountain & Pool & Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd
Products, Ltd. is constructed of plastic disks and “donuts” that are strung on vinyl-coated stainless steel cable. The disks rotate independently of each other, so as a swimmer creates a wake in the pool the lines absorb and distribute the energy efficiently. This construction also helps to quell waves from one lane to another.
Racing lanes Guangzhou Fenlin Fountain &Pool & Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd
. attach to the pool wall with a stainless steel tension spring at one end and a stainless steel ratchet at the other end. This allows the tension to be customized based on the needs for that specific event.
Racing Lanes are available in the following colors that can be combined in a variety of combinations, blue color, white color, yellow color and red color.
The size and color can be customize according to customer request.
The price will be the best factory price, the quality stable, production time is about 3-7 days. Welcome to visit our factory
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