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Swimming pool pump

Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming pool equipment Co., ltd has many swimming pool accessories suppliers , design and produce various pool pump. The body of pump design under the principle of Mechanics. 
Low noise
Small shaking
Long-life use
It contains transparent filter basket, large capacity. 
Unique structure design, makes this pump large liquid flow and high head lift. 
With over-heat protection device to protect the motor of pump. Prevent the motor to be broken by over-heat and keep person’s safe.
High seal design, even use long time, it keep stable working under sealing condition, and make use more longer life.
Anti-rust can stop water penetrating the engine. Enough power, high head, big flux and high efficient circulation. Smaller noise and run quietly.
We will have promotion for this product in June. Do you interested?
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Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming pool & Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd. 
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