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Swimming pool wall lights

Swimming pool wall lights - swimming pool wall lights usage:
Villas, squares, schools, paid swimming stadiums and other villas, district, schools, paid swimming stadiums and other villas, residential, school, charge swimming pool and other villas, residential, schools,
Swimming pool lights are generally applicable to villas, residential areas, schools, paid swimming venues and other places.
Swimming pool wall lights - swimming pool wall lights function
For the night swimming to provide lighting, improve the utilization of the pool, better enjoy the feeling of cool summer. At the same time the swimming pool as a high-end residential and villa necessary places to meet the swimming pool night lighting requirements, especially for the swimming pool design swimming pool lights.
Swimming Pool Wall Mount - Swimming Pool Wall Mount ways
Indoor swimming diving hall usually consider the maintenance of lamps and lanterns, generally do not arrange the lights above the water, but the water above the dedicated access to the channel except. For the venue where there is no television broadcast, the lamps are often scattered on the ceiling above the water, on the roof or on the wall. For the venue of the television broadcast requirements, lighting is generally used in light-band layout, that is, on both sides of the bank above the layout of the horizontal road; also need to set up in the platform and springboard under the appropriate light to eliminate the jump and springboard shadow, and diving Warm-up pool to focus on lighting.
It should be emphasized that the diving campaign should not set the lamp above the diving pool, otherwise the water will appear in the mirror image of the light, the athletes have light interference, affecting the athletes to judge and play. Therefore, whether it is diving training or a formal game, should not take this cloth light way.
Now more and more swimming pool to join the people's lives, with the increase in the pool, the pool wall lamp is also a corresponding increase. In order to create a safe environment for the evening swimming pool, and in order to increase the beauty of the pool, we can choose the pool wall lights as soon as possible, if there are questions you can learn through this site.
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