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The difference between Swimming pool ladder with pool handrail

Swimming pool ladder with same function with pool handrail, To help people get up pool edge and have drink or rest, but the difference is pool ladder with step, pool handrail do not have.
Q: swimming pool handrail without step how to go up?
A: The handrail does not require a step, because it has been in the design of the pool when the chisel out of a "step", or near the pool side of the place to do the stairs, so that the handrail is equivalent to us when the stairs In the climbing of stainless steel.
In the selection of handrails, only need to consider the diameter and appearance of the steel pipe without having to consider the depth of the pool, however, the ladder is different, not to consider the above two factors, the depth of the pool is the most important, because if you have 1.5 Meters deep, but you buy the pool ladder only 3, then from the pool up to take a lot of effort, may therefore lose a lot of customers.
The selection for ladders are as follows:
SF-215 suitable for 0.6-1.0 meters deep
SF-315 suitable for 1.1-1.3 meters deep
SF-415 suitable for 1.4-1.6 meters deep
SF-515 suitable for 1.7-2.0 meters deep
More than 2 meters of swimming pool or diving pool, it is necessary according to the actual situation to customize the swimming pool ladder suppliers

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