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May monthly summary and June 3T start meeting

June 1, 2017 afternoon, Guangzhou City Fenlin swimming pool sauna equipment Co., Ltd. in May summing up and June 3T start will be held smoothly.

The opening of the shark team 3 partners to bring us a "run", the song that forward the courage and momentum, just correspond to our upcoming "3T activity”

Followed by the two hosts who brought us a summary of May and the outlook for June.

Summed up, of course, ultimately, our recognition of the link, in May hard to pay the colleagues who have made their return.

Award for the award-winning partner and take photoes.



A good teacher, will let new people as soon as possible familiar with the company environment, understand the company's corporate culture, with the fastest speed into the team and competent positions.

Short and far-reaching apprentice


All the way sweat, all the way hard, determined to live, at this start meeting, there is a partner was promoted.



Warmth, loving little gift and birthday party




The second half, came to this meeting an important part of -3T start meeting.

Our manager announced the rules of the game for us to organize activities


Team morale show, 3T strategy to share ... after several sessions of the fierce competition, and finally the Golden Eagle team win at the end.

Boss give them awards


Of course, this is just a little warmer, the official event will start on June 7, during the period of June 16 - July 25 there is a 40-day performance PK match.
Boss in this start also for us to cheer for our sprint in the 3T period to provide strong support, as well as a series of incentive policies to see everyone feel excited, presumably in the next 3T activities, everyone Will burst out of a strong energy.


Last year 3T event grand




"Only dream, people never stop"
In the last year's 3T activities, Finnish elites performed well, have achieved self-breakthrough, gains one after another award, I believe in this event, they will go beyond the peak, to create a greater miracle!

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