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Blue Color Swimming Pool Non-slip PVC Vinyl Liner

  • blue color pool liner
  • Item: Swimming Pool Non-slip PVC Vinyl Liner
  • Color: Blue
  • Thickness: 1.2mm 1.5mm 2mm
  • Size: 25m x 2m each roll
  • Material: PVC
  • Use: Swimming pool
  • Feature: Eco-friendly
  • Function: Auti-UV and corrosion resisting
  • Cleaning Process: Cold Water Cleaning
  • Brand: FiNN Forest

Basic Information

Ideal for the walls and bottoms of swimming pools in all kinds of shapes and types,including public or private pools,SPA pools and other pools,Manufactured in reinforced PVC-P,this above ground pool liners material is the most used for lining pools thanks to enhanced malleability,resistance to tearing, ease of welding,resistance to discoloration by UV rays and with a wide range of available colors. 

Made-to-measure pool liners are put together by high frequency welding machines at our facilities. Perfectly adaptable to any pool design or shape, with excellent watertight features, so you can forget about annoying leaks.

We can make product at buyer's required specifications. Our swimming pool liners will keep your pools looking beautiful year after year. 

The swimming pool liners, also known as swimming pool waterproof decorative liner, is a new type of PVC diaphragm material. It is installed on the bottom of the pool and the inner wall of the swimming pool. It is waterproof and decorative. It is widely used in swimming pools with various functions and shapes. Water park, landscape pool, etc. The pool liners produced by the FINN Forest swimming pool liner suppliers is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, anti- UV, anti-corrosive, anti-fouling and anti-bacterial, durable.

The hotel swimming pool liners are also called polyvinyl chloride above ground pool liners. The main raw material is synthetic resin, which is made of professional additives and stabilizers. This material is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, anti-corrosive (especially resistant to chlorine corrosion), UV-resistant, difficult to adhere to dirt, and does not breed bacteria. It is a material developed mainly for swimming pool waterproofing and decorative applications.

The hotel swimming pool liners produced by the FINN Forest swimming pool liner suppliers is a brand new swimming pool interior wall decoration material, easy to install, low cost, comfortable to touch and durable, and can completely replace the traditional ceramic tile, mosaic and other pool materials; The shape of the swimming pool is suitable for swimming pools with concrete structures, non-metal and steel plates, and various swimming pool accessories are used in conjunction with the inground pool liners. The swimming pool liners of the hotel not only completely replaces the pool tiles, mosaics, but also avoids the waterproof layer, thus saving the cost of waterproofing the swimming pool. Due to its economical convenience and beauty, the swimming pool liners have been widely used in the European swimming pool industry market, and has gradually developed into one of the most important waterproof decorative materials for swimming pools. If it is said that the tiles are decorated on the inner wall of the pool, they are regarded as the fashion products of the eighties like the brand of the times. Then, the pool liners have become the fashion masterpiece of modern swimming pool waterproofing.

1. Waterproof and beautifully
In the construction of the hotel pool, internal waterproofing has always been a troublesome problem, and the hotel pool liners produced by the FINN Forest swimming pool liner suppliers can easily solve this problem. The waterproof rubber vinyl pool liners of the hotel of the FINN Forest swimming pool liner suppliers have the effect of waterproofing inside and has a beautiful decoration.

2. Toughness and resistance
As we all know, there is almost no toughness in ceramic tiles. In the swimming pool, due to the temperature change of the pool water, the tiles are affected by the thermal expansion and contraction of the pool water, which is prone to emptying, falling off and cracking. At this point, if you choose the hotel pool liners of the FINN Forest swimming pool liner suppliers, then you don't have to worry about this problem. The hotel swimming pool liners produced by the FINN Forest swimming pool liner suppliers take into account the difference in the temperature of the pool water and the characteristics of the thermal expansion and contraction of the product. The toughness is added to the hotel pool liners to make the inground swimming pool liners have a temperature to the pool water. Good resistance, no change in shape or material within +50 °C or -35 °C, even in hot springs.

3. Waterproof performance
When choosing a hotel pool liners, one more thing to note is the waterproof performance inside the pool. The use of hotel pool liners can help you lock the pool water, no longer have to worry about the pool leakage. As we all know, the waterproofing of swimming pools is closely related to the choice of the vinyl liner. In order to have a better waterproof effect pool, hotel pool liners use a special screening pool thickened liner, and this swimming pool vinyl liners, as compared with conventional single-layer pool liners, the thickness of the whole increased 2 times or more.

4. Hygiene
Providing customers with a clean and clean swimming environment has always been the unremitting pursuit of the FINN Forest swimming pool liner suppliers. Traditional tiles are prone to bacteria due to too many gaps, and cleaning the pool is also a cumbersome task. With this in mind, the FINN Forest swimming pool liner suppliers have changed the installation of the hotel pool liners to coil splicing, and the high-temperature hot-melt welded joints are less. The internationally-completed fully enclosed installation process enables multiple pool liners to be completely melted. As one, it is anti-seepage and leak-proof, and it is not easy to hide dirt.



  • a.It replace the tile, because of easy installation and low cost in comparison with replacing tiles or standard cladding.
  • b..Ensures total watertightness in odd shaped pools or pools with numerous steps.
  • c.Highly flexible and adaptable.
  • d.Smooth and pleasant to touch,it is easy to maintain and durable.
  • e.Highly resistant to impacts and tearing.
  • f.PVC does not release dioxins into the atmosphere and can be recycled.
  • g.Compatible with concrete, prefabricated or steel panel pool.Can also be installed in pools with overflow.
  • h. Retain heat in the pool, lowering expenses and extending the swimming season.
  • i. Reduce the amount of chemicals required.
  • j. Maintain cleaner water by keeping out leaves, dirt, and other debris.
  • k. Prevent accidents and keep out unwanted visitors.


Code Pattern Size Thickness(mm)
02010001015 blue 2m x 25m 1.2
02010002015 blue 2m x 25m 1.5
02010003015 blue 2m x 25m 2
02010004015 Mosaic 1.83m x 25m 1.2
02010005015 Mosaic 1.83m x 25m 1.5
02010006015 Mosaic 1.83m x 25m 2



Packing & Application


Pool liner installation

Pool liner.jpg

Container loading pictures

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