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Pool cleaning equipment divided into automatically and manually, like automatically cleaning robot, 7sets cleaning equipment, including wall brush, vacuum hose, ph test box, telescopic rods, trolley, leaf skimmer, floating animal thermometer.

1. Swimming pool circulating water remedy equipment
Swimming pool circulating water remedy gear is one of the most fundamental configurations of a swimming pool, which can be divided into common tools room sand pump tools and computer room-free built-in pool equipment.

Traditional laptop room sand pump gear is appropriate for particularly giant swimming pools, such as fashionable pools, water parks, etc. It requires a large number of pipes, needs to build a machine room, and the construction process and time consuming will be very long.

The machine room-free integrated swimming pool equipment is more suitable for small and medium-sized pools, such as clubhouse pools, hotel pools, real estate garden pools, private villa pools, etc. It does not require machine rooms, pipes, simple installation, easy operation, filtration accuracy of up to 5-15 μm, and management costs are very low, which is the first choice for circulating water treatment in many swimming pools.

2. Swimming pool disinfection equipment
Swimming pool disinfection tools is additionally one of the simple configurations of a swimming pool. It is an important link, which directly affects the quality of the swimming pool.

It can be divided into dosing metering pumps, dosing devices, ozone generators, salt chlorine machines, copper and silver ion sterilizers.

3.Swimming Pool cleaning equipment
Swimming pool cleaning equipment is also one of the basic configurations of the swimming pool. In addition to the basic circulating water treatment equipment and disinfection equipment, a swimming pool needs to be regularly maintained. This is also a way to ensure the water quality of the swimming pool.

Swimming pool cleaning tools can be divided into three types: one is a seven-piece Swimming pool cleaning toolset (pool brush, leaf net, telescopic rod, suction head, wire brush, etc.); one is a shore-based manual pool suction machine; It is a fully automatic pool suction machine, or and other effective swimming pool cleaning tools.

4. Swimming pool lighting equipment
Underwater lights decorate the swimming pool, along with pool wall lights, water-resistant cables, etc.

5. constant temperature swimming pool equipment
The constant temperature swimming pool equipment is to ensure the temperature of the water in the swimming pool. Now more and more swimming pools choose to keep the swimming pool constant temperature, because this way they can swim in the pool all year round. Otherwise, when the winter comes, the pool will stop running for a long time. The problem of swimming in all seasons.

The constant temperature swimming pool equipment can be divided into boiler heating, plate heat exchanger heating, heat pump heating and so on. Generally, there are more heat pumps for constant temperature heating. It is more suitable to use boilers to heat in cold places such as the north, but there are also special low-temperature heat pump units, but the cost will be high.

6. Pool facilities

Such as escalators, starting blocks, life chairs, coffee tables, sun umbrellas, etc.

7. Water quality testing equipment

Such as water quality monitor, water test box, water thermometer.

8. Water treatment pipe fittings

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