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Digital Water Rain Curtain Fountain For Wedding Show

  • digital rain curtain
  • Name: digital water rain curtain fountain for wedding show
  • Brand name: Finn Forest
  • Material: stainless steel 304
  • Size: customized size
  • Place of origin: Guangzhou,China (Mainland)
  • Usage: decoration
  • Color: changeable
  • Finishing: polished
  • Packing: wooden box
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Basic Information

1.Digital water curtain can make a kind of conspicuous striations or water curtain. The strips waterline drop down from the air, sparkling and cause a kind of genial atmosphere. The lighting effect is remarkable at night; it is the ideal choice for close distance. It can build the effects of water curtain such as heart-shaped roundness, semi-cycle, water curtain shape, triangle, or polygon etc.
2.Graphic digital rain curtain is totally programmed by computer.It is a high-tech product.The water can fall down any graphic or words.
3.FINN Forest suppliers provide you with the solution of digital water curtain and water curtain system. We have do many projects of this product.It can permanent use also can for rent,usually use at big shopping mall,Hotel,restaurant,show,advertising,stage,wedding,etc.We will give you the best digital water curtain system price.



  • 1.No matter what shape,(round,rectangle or other),the price is all calculated by meter,and round shape is calculate by perimeter.
  • 2.(1)If water curtain length do not have 6M,then per meter have 200pcs curtain nozzles and 200pcs electric valve.The space between nozzles is 5mm,water curtain nozzle outlet is 2.8mm.
    (2)If water curtain length over 6M,then per meter have 100pcs curtain nozzles and 100pcs electric valve.The space between nozzles is 1cm,water curtain nozzle outlet is 6mm.
  • 3.Water curtain length below 6M,should hang at 4-6M,will have a good view.Water curtain length over 6M,should hang at 8-10M,then have a good view.



Adjustable: allow you to make different effect and jetting height

LED waterproof light

Color changing or single color , accept customize

Submersible pumps

Generally 1.1kw and 1.5kw pump, the higher power the higher jetting height (customize)

Containing accessories

Nozzles, stainless steel, led lights, pumps and controller


Labor saving: need not installation

Easy operating: simple process to control

Easy maintaining: good quality and long lasting


220v-50Hz/60Hz 110V-50Hz/60Hz (customize)

Fountain type

Musical waterfall fountain, small indoor decoration waterfall fountain, garden waterfall fountain and water fountain for square or stage



Packing & Application


Factory production workshop


Container loading pictures


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