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Swimming pool disinfection series, including monitoring, dosing pump, salt chlorine machine, water quality test products, UV disinfection, integrated disinfection equipment and so on.

Swimming pool circulating water cure tools is one of the most simple configurations of a swimming pool, which can be divided into ordinary computing device room sand tank pump gear and inorganic room built-in swimming pool equipment.
The traditional equipment room sand tank water pump equipment is suitable for relatively large swimming pools, such as standard pools, water parks, etc. It requires a large number of pipes and needs to build an equipment room, and the construction process and time-consuming will also be very long.
The inorganic room integrated swimming pool equipment is more suitable for small and medium-sized swimming pools, such as club swimming pools, hotel swimming pools, private villa swimming pools, etc. It does not require a machine room, piping, simple installation, easy operation, and the filtration accuracy is as high as 5-15 μ m. The management cost is very low, and it is the first choice for circulating water treatment in many swimming pools.

Swimming pool disinfection equipment is one of the basic configurations of a swimming pool. Swimming pool disinfection equipment is also a very important part of swimming pool water treatment that directly affects the quality of the swimming pool. Swimming pool disinfection equipment can be divided into dosing metering pump, dosing devices, ozone generator, salt chloride machine, copper and silver ion sterilizer.

Constant temperature swimming pool equipment is to make certain the temperature of the water in the swimming pool. Nowadays, swimming pools pick to preserve the swimming pool consistent temperature, so that they can take a dip in the swimming pool all 12 months-round. Constant temperature swimming pool gear can be divided into boiler heating, plate warmth exchanger heating, warmness pump heating, etc. Generally, warmness pumps are used for regular temperature heating. It is greater appropriate to use boilers in locations with a quite bloodless climate in the north, however, there are additionally distinct low-temperature warmth pump units, however, the fee will be high.

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