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Do You Know The Dry Sauna?

Dry sauna include complete set sauna equipments ,such as sauna room, sauna heater and sauna accessories.Now we introduce these main parts of sauna equipments.

1. Sauna room

Sauna room is also called sweat steam room, originated in Finland, it includes dry steam room and wet steam room, but people usually say that the sauna is dry steam room, steam room is wet steam room. Traditional sauna is the use of burning mineral stone, in the above water to produce steam, and modern is the use of far infrared and negative ions to achieve the effectiveness of the sauna, sauna room specific weight loss, detoxification, rheumatism and other effects, much consumer favorite Sauna, the original intention is "windowless cabin", comes from Finland, the first is the role of "sweat", for promoting blood circulation and restore physical use, it has a history of thousands of years. Old Finn, the sauna consecrated, here people relax, relieve physical and mental. Today, this traditional has spread to the whole world, and gradually evolved into a fashion and healthy way of life.


Barrel sauna is different from traditional indoor sauna room, it is large and rounded like barrels, with a door at one "end" of the barrel for entering and exiting the sauna. The barrel sauna room is specially designed for outdoor use so it does not take a room inner the house and give customer more flexibility. We only choose the best Canada red cedar for its strength, stability and long lasting beauty .It is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. The barrel saunas are so beautiful that they become great ornament for your garden or backyard environment. We proudly introduce our new style canopy barrel sauna which come with sheltered porch and external seating, so customers could enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view, and the barrel sauna also provides a perfect  party space with your swimming pool or outdoor SPA.


We not only customize sauna room , also offer sauna wood, we are sauna steam roomfactory,

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