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How to find the correct pool pump motor

Pool Pumps are the driving force behind every pool’s filtration system. At the center of every pool pump is a pump motor.


Pump motors are the workhorse of your pool: creating a strong suction to pull water into the pool filter, which then pushes filtered water back into the pool. Wear and tear over the years may eventually lower the efficiency of your pump, making it time for a change!

The complex world of swimming pool pump motors can deter people before they ever begin the search. Many opt to purchase a completely new pool pump instead of simply replacing the motor.

Here, we recommend that you contact us with the following information to find the exact motor for your pool pump. This information will not only take the guesswork out of finding a pool pump motor. It will guarantee that you have everything you need to make your pump as good as new!

What information do you need?

1.Pump Model Number – The Pump Model Number is located on the “wet end” aka front housing of the pool pump. This is typically stamped in the pump housing or on a sticker label.
2.Motor CAT Number – The CAT (catalog) Number is located on the motor itself.
3.Motor Model or Part Number – The Motor Model or Part Number is also located on the motor label.
4. Send a photo of the entire pump and motor label – Take a photo of the entire pump, including the pump housing, strainer pot, and lid. This image will also provide important information when searching for the correct motor model. If possible, include an image of the motor label.

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What else is needed to change a pump motor?

Always change the seals/o-rings (shaft seal, mechanical seal, etc.) when installing a new motor into your pool pump. Keep in mind that Pool Pumps have many moving parts. Below is an example of a dis-mantled Pool Pump, including the seals.

Can I upgrade my motor from single to dual-speed?

This is one of the most common questions we hear regarding pool pump motors. Motors and pumps need to be appropriately matched to perform properly. Many of the internal parts (ie. impeller and possibly the diffuser) are sized to fit the original motor. That being said, we highly discourage upgrading the motor size due to potential mechanical issues. Another factor to keep in mind – can your pool filter handle the increased horsepower? If you are interested in more horsepower or a Dual or Variable Speed Pump, you may want to invest in an entirely new pool pump. Follow us and we will update more knowledge for you.

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