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Fountain Light Suppliers' Design Considerations for Fountain Night Lighting

Nowadays, the fountains use DMX512 lights in various forms at night, and the following fountain LED light design points should be considered in all types of fountain night lighting projects.

First, determine which parts of the underwater fountain light need to be illuminated and master the visual shape and type of illumination around the fountain. If you need color, then another lighting must not over-bright or weaken the color effect. Before designing an underwater fountain LED light, it is necessary to clarify the structure of the fountain or water body representation system, including the number of jets, the graphical effect of the water, and the geometry of each effect.




Fountain light suppliers have several factors to consider when setting up lighting equipment, including critical angles, viewing angles, and whether the equipment is on the water or under the water. When installing the device, determine the direction in which the lighting device is projected so that the light source is not directly visible or indirectly seen due to reflections and refractions. The gas-filled body should be illuminated from the bottom and the smooth body of water should be illuminated from the front. It is necessary to ensure that the lighting effect of the fountain is visible from all directions. When a separate jet is used to create a vertically upward pattern, at least two fixtures are used. When more jets are used to create water droplets, at least one light is required under each head.


Fountain light must be waterproof and approved for underwater installation. With the exception of optical fiber or illumination delivery systems, this technology naturally separates electrical lighting from water and therefore does not have to be waterproof. All underwater waterproofing equipment is 3-5 times more expensive than normal outdoor installation moisture protection equipment. Equipment that is not installed in the water can be installed on trees, nearby buildings, on the ground around the fountain, or on the structure of the fountain. Pay attention to frequent maintenance and inspection. This method may not have a significant effect on embedding the lamps, but it is more practical. And quite economical.


In the design space of the garden ecological specification fountain, the specifications that are more vivid in different specifications are added, and the design concept of making more artistic beauty in the combination of various environmental protection and lighting is combined, and at the same time, the design concept can be increased. In the building eco-city, it has created a water-wave space for self-cultivation.

1. Design of color matching conditioning: in increased design space shiny different artistic culture, can improve the performance of various specification modeling activities used in a more flexible way, so the artistic innovation of the design space It can create a fountain scene with static electricity in the cultural integration.

2. Creative design specifications: fountain light supplier in a variety of looming approach the design, to create a technology project highlights the image of the design techniques, increase the space-cultivation self-cultivation in environmental design, for spraying in light colors from It is aesthetically pleasing to enhance the design.

3. Drifting design techniques: the beautiful landscape design practices, the more in control through the design of a variety of process flow of a variety of fountains, fountain perfect to create a variety of operating advertising efforts even greater effect.

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