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Fountain light is the most important part of fountain,make fountain more colorful,different power to meet your requirement.


It can be said that there is no glamour in the absence of light, and there is no fascinating scenery without color. The role of lighting is especially important when designing a musical fountain. How do you choose an underwater lantern? The following is a detailed introduction by the fountain light suppliers.

First, when designing the underwater lanterns for fountain design, many professional fountain light suppliers will regard the safety performance of the lanterns as the first consideration. The selected lanterns must be in accordance with the requirements of international standards. The lantern under safe voltage can be used.

Secondly, it is well known that the illumination function mainly refers to the brightness of the light source. It can select different colors of underwater lights according to the illumination brightness and the area of the light projection. Therefore, when selecting, you need to consider the color of the required lights. According to the specific application, choose the appropriate irradiation object.

Thirdly, when selecting underwater lanterns, their appearance and materials need to be considered. Because they are used underwater, the proportion of lamps should also be considered, and the material of the lamp housing must have certain corrosion protection. Function, in addition, the surface paint layer of the underwater lantern must be firm, so that its service life can be extended to a certain extent.

Fourth, when buying underwater lanterns, we must pay attention to their quality. The better the quality is, the longer the service life will be. Of course, the price of its lamps will be relatively higher, but from all aspects, fountain light suppliers feel that lamps of this price are definitely worth buying. Inferior lamps are cheap, but their service life and their safety are not guaranteed.

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