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Fountain pump is the engine of fountain,show the power of fountain,cast iron and stainless steel 2 material and different power for you to choose.The fountain pump provide by Fenlin fountain pump supplier are convenient to use and has firmness and durability features. 

The fountain pump is actually a submersible pump for wells. It is specially developed for agricultural drainage and sprinkler irrigation, industrial and civil buildings. It is suitable for ponds, fish ponds, water towers, deep wells and high-rise water supply.

The water fountain has high corrosion resistance to the motor. It is usually made of stainless steel or high-tech materials. The impeller is also made of special materials to prevent the impeller from loosening. There is a special fixed potential grounding device to implement leakage protection. The pump body also has a stainless steel filter, shield and three-phase four-wire cable. Because the music fountain needs to change with the rhythm of the music, and constantly change the shape, the professional water pump company also continuously carries out technical research and development on the basis of the original ordinary fountain pump, so that the pump can be started frequently, fully satisfying the use of the fountain. At the same time, the larger the fountain area is, the higher the power requirement of the fountain pump will be. In order to meet all kinds of fountains, the specifications of the vertical-horizontal fountain pump on the market are very complete.

When using a fountain pump, there are a few points to note:

1. Equipment grounding:
In order to ensure the personal safety of the fountain, the national mandatory requirement for submersible pumps is to take protective grounding. Otherwise, once the pump casing leaks, the water near the pump outlet and the water surface of the reservoir will be charged, seriously endangering the safety of humans and animals. It also causes a waste of electrical energy.

If the metal casing of the fountain pump is connected to the grounding body conforming to the national standard (the grounding resistance is not more than 4Ω), the current flows through the pump casing, the grounding wire, the grounding body, the ground, the working grounding wire of the transformer and the power supply. Closed loop, once the leakage current is too large, the pump protection device works - the fuse blows or the air switch trips, automatically disconnects the power of the fountain pump.

2. Install the leakage protector:
Once the leakage crisis occurs, as long as the leakage value exceeds the operating current value of the leakage protector, usually less than 30 mA, the leakage protector will work, and the switch will be opened to stop the fountain.

3. When the power supply voltage is abnormal, turn it on:
As a submersible pump, if the voltage is too high or too low, the temperature of the pump body will rise, the service life of the pump will be shortened, or even burn out. Now, in many places, there are long-term low-voltage power supply lines or high voltage at the beginning of the line, and the terminal voltage is too low.  Therefore, when the fountain is running, the operator should always pay attention to the power supply voltage value. When the power supply voltage value is higher than the rated voltage by 10% or lower than the rated voltage by 10 %, and the current exceeds the rated current by 20 %, it should be stopped immediately to avoid abnormal voltage. Boot up.

4. The motor rotates in the opposite direction:
Although some fountain submersible pumps can double out the water in both forward and reverse directions, the reverse current is too long and the motor will be damaged due to the large reverse current.

5. To avoid long-term overload work

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