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Swimming is an entertainment that everyone loves, especially in the summer, swimming pools are crowded. But in the cold winter, there are some people who really want to swim, but the water temperature is very low, what should they do? At this time, there is a way to heat the indoor pool, so that people can fully enjoy the fun of swimming in the pool all year round.

The heating parts here we have water heaters, swimming pool heater,heat pumps and heat exchangers for you to choose, fast heating and safe heating way to satisfy every pool’s request and different countries’ heating temperature.

Indoor pool heating - heat pump heating technology

Although there are many types of heating methods for heating swimming pool equipment, air conditioning swimming pool heat pump is currently the most common type used on the market. The use of solar energy to produce hot water still has certain limitations. In contrast, heat pump water heaters, as a device that can obtain low-grade heat from the natural air, and output high-grade thermal energy through electric power, have become a new energy technology that has attracted much attention worldwide.

Pool heating - pool water heating regulations

1. Swimming and other medium & large size swimming pools should adopt indirect water heating; small swimming pools can be heated by direct heating of gas, fuel, fuel and electric boilers; solar heating should be used in areas where conditions permit.

2. The control facilities of the pool water heating system should have the flexibility to accurately adjust the temperature range to meet the requirements of different competition items and different users for the pool water temperature.

3. The time required for the initial heating of the swimming pool water should be determined according to factors such as the structure of the pool body , the temperature, the expansion of the lining material, the defects and the heat supply conditions, etc., Generally, it takes about 24h to 48h to meet the increase of the water temperature per hour. More than 0.5℃.

4. Heating equipment for different purposes of swimming pool should be set separately. The number of installations of each swimming pool heating equipment shall be selected at the same time at not less than 2 units when the initial pool water is heated.

5. When the pool water adopts the split flow heating mode, the amount of water to be heated should be not less than 25% of the total circulating water volume ; the temperature of the heated water should not exceed 40℃; the heated water and the unheated water should be sufficient effective measures for uniform mixing.

In autumn and winter, the heated and heated indoor swimming pool is sought after by people. The heating and warming of the swimming pool water is to maintain the proper water temperature. In the season when the temperature is too low, only the indoor swimming pool can guarantee a certain constant temperature to meet the needs of people and provide comfortable swimming for people. However, it requires a lot of valuable resources, so you need to pay attention to the requirements when heating.

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