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How to build a waterfall

Choose the area of the waterfall you want. Please consider the area you can see from multiple parts of the yard and the family and remember that you need to use electricity and water.


Before you start shopping, measure the area where you want to build the waterfall. So that you will know how much space your space can handle. It is easy to get caught up to a big waterfall idea, just realize that it is too big for your area or looks out of proportion to your swimming pool and yard.

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Build from the suite

Buy your pool waterfall kit from a local supplier or an online retailer (such as INYO pools or Prosperity Fountain). Local suppliers will be able to inform you and guide, usually free of charge. You can also save money if you can pick up the kit yourself in the store, but if you limit yourself shopping locally, you may not find the variety and price you are looking for.


Buy a pump if your kit does not include it. Look for a powerful enough to handle the water and the length of the waterfall you want. Ensure that the pump has a warranty period of at least a few years and select an energy saving model, or select a model built into the pool wall and using a pool pump.

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