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How To Replace The Swimming Pool Wall Lights?

When building a swimming pool, swimming pool wall lights may not be necessary, but it can make your pool unique. The life of an ordinary light bulb is about 1000 hours, and the life of its protective shell is up to several years. However, the acidity and alkalinity of the swimming pool water will corrode the fixtures and screws, which will weaken the stability of the swimming pool wall lights. In this case, you may need to perform a major replacement. When it comes to changing bulbs, you may have many options, but the most important thing is to find the perfect match with the previous one. If you can't remember the lamp parameters, you can take pictures!

How To Replace The Swimming Pool Wall Lights1

Before changing the swimming pool wall lights, you need the following tools:
PAR56 light source || Swimming pool lamp mat || Screwdriver || circuit tester || dry towel
Note: There is a high probability of electric shock or electric shock when replacing the light bulb in the swimming pool, so for your own safety, please take all precautions. If you don't know much about safety, please do n't try DIY to change the swimming pool wall lights.

How To Replace The Swimming Pool Wall Lights2

step one:
Find the electrical box and cut off all power in the pool area. If you are not sure whether all power is off, you can use a circuit tester. If there is voltage, it will sound an alarm.
Step two:
You need a flat head screwdriver to pull out a screw embedded in the lampshade and swimming pool, so that the lampshade can be easily removed.
Step three:
Loosen the screws and remove the washer and lens from the lamp cover. Of course, if this is an older swimming pool light, you may have to remove more than 8 screws. Be sure to check whether the screws are corroded. Please keep the intact screws carefully to prevent later corrosion. If your screws are corroded, change them by the way.

How To Replace The Swimming Pool Wall Lights3

Step four:
Check the water splashed when removing the gasket and lens, use a dry towel to remove the old bulb from the lampshade, and then use another dry towel to slowly screw the new bulb into the socket of the lampshade.
Step five:
Install the gasket and lens back to the lamp cover. Fix the lens or replace the screw with a new one to stabilize the lens. Submerge the swimming pool wall lights and check for air leaks. You may or may notice a bubble or two, which is normal, but if it is a string and continuous, it means your installation is not correct. Remove the gasket and lens and reinstall.
Step six:
Fix the swimming pool light back to the original place. Experts suggest that before turning on the swimming pool light completely, do not turn on the power to prevent overheating damage or shortened life of the bulb.

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