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How to Use the Sauna Heater?

Fenlin sauna heater manufacturer supplies various types of electric sauna heater on the website. The sauna heater is easy to use, clean and very safe. Let your sauna room full of warmth, recuperate your body, make your life more beautiful.

After the sauna heater is heated, the sauna stone can be watered. It is strictly forbidden to water the sauna stove without reaching the temperature. Each time the watering must be done with a matching spoon ( that is, the capacity is not more than 200 liters).


Never water when someone is nearby, to prevent steam from burning the skin. A sauna cover must be provided for use. It is strictly forbidden to use humus, such as seawater and chlorine-containing water, to pour on the sauna stone. The quality assurance period of the sauna room is one year, and the sauna stone is replaced every 500 hours. The house is calculated for one hour per day, and the replacement period is seven years.

The sauna is divided into dry steaming and wet steaming. Sauna is a casual way of fashion and health, and there are many people who like it. In particular, many women love the slimming and beauty in the cabin, so they are eager to return.


The traditional sauna refers to the special rock in the special wooden house, which is heated on the hot stove to make the temperature reach 70 °C or more, and then a small amount of water is poured onto the rock to generate impact steam. Dry steam bath. The sauna can speed up the blood circulation and completely relax the muscles in all parts of the body to achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue, restoring strength and rejuvenating the spirit. At the same time, it has a certain effect on rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenia and so on. In addition, the traditional sauna has its inherent health benefits, and it is also an advanced enjoyment and leisure for those who work hard.

In the high-temperature environment, the skin can produce an internal heat effect in the deep layer, the whole body capillaries are expanded, and the body sweating amount greatly exceeds the usual activities. This kind of rapid sweating is good for draining all kinds of garbage in the body, which is also beneficial to the elimination of the disease. At the same time, due to the body's repeated hot and cold dry steaming, the blood vessels are continuously contracted and expanded. The exercise is physiologically called: vascular gymnastics, which can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent the hardening of blood vessels.


The sauna is carried out in a high-temperature environment at rest. The body absorbs a lot of sweat and consumes subcutaneous fat, so that you can easily lose weight in comfort. According to the test, the sauna is equivalent to 10 kilometers of long-distance running in 10 minutes, so it has the effect of bodybuilding and weight loss. In addition, when the body exudes a lot of sweat to eliminate subcutaneous dirt, it can improve the permeability of epidermal cells and activate cells, so it also has the effect of skin care and anti-aging. During the sauna process, the body continuously absorbs the beneficial trace elements emitted by the special rocks on the stove, which has the effect of preventing diseases. Sauna is a special bathing method that combines both cleansing and treating diseases. It relieves pain and relaxes joints by alternating heat and cold several times. For the skin, due to the obvious expansion of the skin blood vessels during the steam bath, a lot of sweating, blood circulation is improved, sweat excretion helps the elimination of waste in the body, so that various tissues in the skin get more nutrition, for many skin diseases Such as ichthyosis, psoriasis, pruritus, etc. have different degrees of therapeutic effects.

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