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Installation Of Underwater Lights For Pools

Led underwater lamp is a kind of underwater lights for pools produced by LED technology. Compared with the traditional underwater lamp, led underwater lights for pools are more energy-saving and environmental protection, and the light is varied, more decorative, so it is widely used in various landscape lighting systems.


Installation Of Underwater Lights For Pools1


LED pool underwater lights are divided into wall-mounted and embedded type.
First of all, wall mounted lights are more representative of aqua led swimming pool lights, which are divided into stainless steel shell and plastic shell. The combination of LED lamp beads realizes the color array under different modes. There are 8 charming pre-programming modes to choose from, from continuous operation to fixed color fade in and fade out, so that your family can enjoy a different atmosphere. The specially designed lens forms a smooth outline on the pool wall. The pool cleaner can also clean the pool wall effectively under the light. Waterproof grade: IP-68


Installation Of Underwater Lights For Pools2


Note for installation of underwater lamp:
First of all, for the selection of lamps, we should pay attention to the waterproof, power supply voltage and power consumption of a single lamp;

Second, calculate the cable diameter: generally, the low-voltage safety voltage is used for the underwater lamp, which involves that the low-voltage and high current power supply will affect the voltage drop of the line. First, calculate the voltage drop at the end of each line, and reserve the redundancy in advance;

Third, the isolating transformer and leakage switch that supply the underwater lights for pools must be arranged outside the water area to avoid electric shock;

Installation Of Underwater Lights For Pools3

Fourth, 0.6-1 meter long cable shall be reserved for both the open installation (wall mounted underwater lamp) and the installation (embedded underwater lamp), so as to prevent the water in the pool from being discharged when there is a problem with the lamp in the future, so that even if the lamp is broken, the underwater lights for pools can be raised to the water surface to replace the wiring and wiring for waterproof treatment;

Fifth, as for another wiring, the wiring joints are waterproof, and general water electricians and fitters can basically handle it!

Sixth, LED underwater lights shall be powered by DC constant current power supply. Under the control of the constant current power supply, the forward voltage drop of underwater lights for pools will decrease with the increase of LED chip temperature, which has little effect on the LED underwater lamp. However, if it is driven by constant voltage, the chip of the LED underwater lamp will increase with the temperature rising, and the current will increase continuously. In serious cases, it may even burn down the underwater lights for pools. Therefore, led underwater lights should be powered by DC constant current power supply.


Installation Of Underwater Lights For Pools4


Seventh, anti-static measures should be taken. In the process of processing, production and installation of LED underwater light products, certain anti-static measures shall be taken, such as the workbench shall be grounded, workers shall wear anti-static clothing, with the anti-static ring, and with anti-static gloves, etc., and the anti-static ion fan can be installed if conditions permit. At the same time, the air humidity at the time of installation shall be guaranteed to be about 65%, so as to avoid static electricity caused by too dry air. In addition, the anti-static ability of LED in different quality grades is also different. The anti-static ability of high-quality LED underwater lamp is stronger.

Eighth, pay attention to the sealing of LED products. No matter what kind of LED lamp products, as long as they are used outdoors, they are faced with the problems of moisture-proof and sealing, especially for underwater lights for pools. Poor sealing will directly affect the service life of LED underwater light products.

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