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International swimming pool starting platform starting blocks

  • HB-02
  • Item: International swimming pool starting platform starting blocks
  • Model: HB-02
  • Material: stainless steel + ABS
  • Step: two step
  • Code: 02010009001
  • Color: blue
  • Size: 500 x 500 x 680mm
  • Use: competition swimming pool
  • Accept: OEM & ODM
  • Business type: factory

Basic Information

1, swimming pool starting platform appearance must meet the requirements of FINA. For example: installation swimming pool starting platform surface need to higher than 50-70 cm above the surface of the water, the starting  board at least 50 cm square meter, the forward tilt is <10ordm ;.
2, Diving platform technical need meet requirements of  the provisions of FINA. For example: the handshake must be designed in the fron of diving platform and higher water surface 30-60 cm.  the starting handshake is on the same vertical surface. The horizontal grips are parallel to the horizontal plane and the vertical grip is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. The starting edge of the forefront of the thickness of not more than 4 cm, or both sides of the starting table at least 10 cm long front at least 40 cm long into the body 3 cm handshake slot.
3, the starting station material need durable, not rust, no corrosion, and diving platform is non-slip material, mark clear Arabic numerals around diving platform.

Achieving good results in the pool competition, jumping and turning on the swimming pool starting block is a must-have technology, many swimmers reach the bottleneck speed, in addition to going back to continue to break down the foundation to improve, the jump and turn technology on the swimming pool starting block is also immediately effective way, don't take a break and turn around on the swimming pool starting block, you can let amateurs improve for a few seconds, this few seconds immediately let you have a leap!

Swimming pool starting block, ready for posture
Separate feet, shoulder width, and toes on the edge of the swimming pool starting block. The hips are directly above the feet. The knee is bent to an angle of 130-140 degrees, the center of gravity of the body is as far forward as possible, the head is down, the chin is close to the chest, and the eyes are 2 meters into the water.

Take off
Swing forward, put your hands together, and the head is slightly down between the arms, causing the body to roll forward. The swing arm movement is very important to ensure that the jump is far and the action is strong. After the swing arm, it should follow the strong kicking action of the leg.

Once you leave the pool, try to stretch your body into a streamlined shape. However, when doing flying, you should bend your body slightly to get a good water intake posture. The flying action should be close to the water and enter the water at an angle of 15-20 degrees.

Into the water
The finger should first enter the water, and the head should be kept between the extended arms so that the top of the head is followed by the hands and arms into the water. At this stage, the body should be streamlined and there should be no bending.

Rolling and turning
Usually, the two major problems that you will encounter when you learn to turn around are the drowning and turning over. Now let's solve it easily one by one.

In the process of flipping , your nose should sailed breathing , especially in the translated " upturned nose ," when , as you breathe in the water swimming, as , with the nose breathing, the water pushes it, until your head out of turn Until the water surface, this is safer and will not sore nose.

Can't turn over
Usually, you do not have to close down the chin of the body roll into a ball, looked up in the process of flipping, remember to bow, to maintain this posture, with the position of the legs to be interchangeable rotating it, at one go like that flip over the point.

According to the above essentials, it should be able to flip over easily, but some people will " turn around ", which is the cross mark line facing the pool end, but turned into a side or other direction, which is mostly flipped. in the process, for fear does not turn over, want to use the body," a little help ", the results are confusing the more crooked, becomes the use of shoulder doing a roll.






Item name

starting block for swimming pool


competitive swimming pool




Finn Forest


stainless steel + ABS


680 x 500 x 500mm


Blue and white

Pool starting platform step

two step



HB-02 pool starting block size

HB-02 pool starting block




Packing & Application



Container loading pictures

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