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What Life-Saving Supplies Should Be Equipped In The Accessories For Swimming Pool?

Swimming can improve the cardiovascular system, improve lung capacity, improve the function of the respiratory system, improve the capacity of the muscular system, improve the mechanism of body temperature regulation, strengthen skin blood circulation, increase resistance, etc. During swimming exercises, however, the places correspondingly provided to the people for swimming are increasing day by day. In order to ensure that the general public can safely participate in swimming exercises, life safety must be the first priority, and each swimming place must be equipped with life-saving accessories for the swimming pool.

The life-saving accessories for swimming pool in swimming places mainly include: swimming pool life-saving chairs, lifebuoys, life-saving rods, life jackets, life-saving ropes, first-aid version, first-aid boxes

Lifesaving chair: Also known as the observation deck, the lookout chair is one of the necessary safety facilities for swimming places. Lifeguards sit in lifesaving chairs, overlooking the entire pool or entertainment venues, to ensure the safety of any swimmer. The life-saving chair is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure long-term use in the temperature and humidity environment of the swimming place.

Lifebuoy: usually made of high-density polyethylene and foam plastic or other light materials with small specific gravity, covered with plastic, etc. High and low-temperature resistance, no shrinkage, cracking, swelling, decomposition. The color is generally orange-yellow, with obvious eyes, and four reflective cloths. There are four holes for passing through the rope, which is convenient for lifesaving on the shore. It can support no less than 14.5kg of iron in freshwater for 24 hours.

Life-Saving Supplies Should Be Equipped In The Accessories For Swimming Pool1

Lifesaving rod: It is composed of a lifesaving hook and a telescopic rod, which belongs to a kind of swimming lifesaving article. It is mainly used as necessary life-saving equipment for swimming pools, water parks, etc. It is used as a professional tool for swimming lifeguards to quickly rescue drowning people. There are two types of life-saving rods, 5 meters and 8 meters. According to the size of the swimming pool, life-saving rods of different lengths are selected to ensure that drowners can be salvaged faster and more effectively.

Life-Saving Supplies Should Be Equipped In The Accessories For Swimming Pool2

Life jacket: It is life-saving clothing, designed like a vest, made of nylon fabric or neoprene ( NEOPRENE), buoyancy material or inflatable material, reflective material, etc. It is one of the life-saving devices on board, generally vest-style, made of foam plastic or cork. It has enough buoyancy to be worn on the body, so that the head of the person who falls can get out of the water. Generally life jackets are equipped with straps on the front and back, suitable for customers of any shape, generally, buoyancy is greater than 7.5kg.

Life-Saving Supplies Should Be Equipped In The Accessories For Swimming Pool3

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