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FENLIN Swimming Pool Lights Manufacturer 2017 New design High quality swimming pool lights, IP68 Waterproof, stainless steel 304 / 316 material with CE certificate.

In recent years, through the swimming pool light manufacturer optimize the design of the swimming pool lights body with a new anti-corrosion material, using a high-intensity light through the transparent cover. The appearance is small and exquisite, and the chassis is fixed with screws. The pool light is generally an LED light source. The LED is called the fourth generation illumination source or green light source, and has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, small size and long life. It is usually installed in a swimming pool, hot spring or landscape pool. Has a strong viewing and lighting features.

The choice of swimming pool lights is primarily concerned with safety issues, and the country has clear regulations regarding inground pool light: 

1. Dustproof and waterproof grade identification
The dustproof rating of the luminaire is divided into 6 levels. The sixth level is high. The waterproof rating of the luminaire is divided into 8 levels, of which the 8th level is advanced. The dust level of the underwater lights should reach 6 levels, and the symbols are IP61-- IP68.

2. Anti-shock indicators
The anti-shock indicators of swimming pool light bulbs are divided into four categories: O, I, II, and III. For underwater lighting fixtures in swimming pools, fountains, splash pools, etc., the protection against electric shock shall be Class III swimming pool led light. The operating voltage of its external and internal lines should not exceed 12V.

3. Rated working voltage
The installation of swimming pool lights must be strictly controlled below the human body safety voltage of 36V (special transformer required). The underwater light of the swimming pool is a fixture that is installed under the pool and used for lighting. Not only waterproof, but also electric shock. Therefore, its rated operating voltage is generally very low, usually 12V.

The rated working voltage of the luminaire is the parameter of the luminaire, which directly determines the environment in which the inground pool light bulb is used, that is, the actual working voltage must be consistent with the rated operating voltage. Otherwise, it is not because the voltage is too high to burn out the light source, or because it is too low to achieve the illumination effect of the light. Therefore, the general underwater light needs to be equipped with a transformer. The transformer provides a stable voltage and the underwater light of the swimming pool can work safely and stably.

And FINN Forest swimming pool light manufacturer of outdoor pool lights not only waterproof, low voltage, stable performance, safe and reliable, versatile and colorful highlight unique design, in addition to meeting the swimming pool lighting function, more colorful and more beautiful swimming pool offers unlimited possibilities, undoubtedly the ideal choice for swimming pool owners and operators!

Wall-mounted swimming pool lights features:
1. VDE waterproof wire, AC12V human body safety voltage, IP68 protection grade (can be directly immersed in water), safe and reliable operation, no worries;

2. It adopts all-plastic, stainless steel 316/304, PC lens and other materials, with strong structure, anti-corrosion and anti-rust;

3. Good sealing performance, high light transmission coefficient, UV resistance, no dust absorption, no deformation, long service life;

4. A variety of color-changing modes, high brightness, good color rendering, slow light decay, low power consumption;

In order to make the LED underwater light to achieve good waterproof effect, LED protective effect portable pool lights should reach IP67 above, the surface light can be placed 5 meters. The pool lights of the FINN Forest swimming pool light manufacturer are of high quality. All the inground swimming pool lights are in compliance with the IP68 waterproof standard, and the underwater and underwater performances are as safe and stable.
Built-in swimming pool underwater lights features:
1. IP68 waterproof grade, high-quality light source, color can be customized, sealing and firm and tough;

2. It can withstand the working environment temperature of -20 °C ~ 40 °C, and can be customized to 50 °C if necessary ;

3. The headlights have a 45- degree beam angle, the small lamp beads have a 120- beam angle, a large range, and strong illumination; the colors can be customized (monochrome or colorful), romantic atmosphere, fantasy colors, and free choice.

Another element of the swimming pool lighting function is the color of underground pool lights, generally available in red, yellow, green, blue and white. It can be selected according to the application, the object to be illuminated and the atmosphere created. The pool light uses a high-brightness LED as a light source, and the RGB led pool light can illuminate for 50,000 hours.

Waterscape light features:
1. The lampshade glass is made of high-strength tempering, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and not easy to age; clean and smooth;

2. IP68 waterproof grade, the body of the swimming pool lamp is made of 304 stainless steel, the shape is smooth and beautiful, effectively preventing the erosion of bromine and chlorine, anti-corrosion and durable;

3. The waterscape swimming pool bulbs chassis is fixed by screws, which is convenient for loading and unloading; 12V low-voltage safety electric, safe and reliable operation;

FINN Forest swimming pool light manufacturer’s pool lights efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low power consumption, compared to the market ordinary underwater light energy 80% ; high-quality material of the housing, stable, safe operation, long service life; also applies to ios And WIFI light group controller of Android system ; swimming pool light is equipped with light control box and remote control, the control light group can reach up to 3000W ; RGB synchronous mode, remote control of the same group of lights, color change, full-featured, can be widely used in the swimming pool, hot springs, water park, fountain pool and other projects, improve your design, let happiness cover the whole night.

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