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Luxurious swimming pool starting platform

This platform is popularly praised by coaches and competitive swimmers, elegant and simple. Meet FINA requirements. The surface area is covered with a non-slip material.

We have provided so many standard races to use the pool for the game.

Stainless steel 304 frame with backstroke, hidden fixed

Point and stick the anchor into the pool.

Has a non-slip surface.

A template is required to set the fixture.


The starting block unit contains a powerful, well-designed design that can accommodate any budget. In line with all FINA, American Swimming, NCAA and NFHS specifications, the swimming start block is the highest quality material made in China, including 100% domestic steel.

To provide the best flexibility, you can customize any swimming start block to suit your specific facility / program requirements by selecting styles, options, timing system integration, color and logo applications and submit it within four weeks of design approval goods.

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