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Pool Equipment Manufacturers

Your pool equipment is the most important aspect to keeping any swimming pool properly maintained. You have to know how to run and maintain their equipment. There are many components in the system which all work together to keep that pool sparkling.

pool handrail are also a necessary pool equipments for many pool owners. Our pool handrail are easily installed with anchoring or flange fixtures. Rails and steps in both AISI-306 and AISI-316 available.


Swimming advantage of the pool equipment integration
1. Its position can be placed near the swimming pool with low noise and high safety factor.
2. Simple installation, reduce workload, high efficiency.
3. Small size, buried in the ground, this can be vacated to make the pool beautify the effect.

Pool integrated equipment
At present, pool equipment manufacturers provide two main types of integrated swimming pool equipment, one is called a wall-mounted swimming pool integrated machine, and the other is called an underground swimming pool integrated machine.

The wall-mounted swimming pool integrated machine is more common, mainly used for small domestic swimming pools. The advantage of this type of equipment is that it is easy to install without building a machine room, and it will not cause damage to the pool body, and the leakage problem will be reduced during use.

The underground swimming pool integrated machine combines the advantages of the traditional method and the integrated filtration system, and has a relatively wide application range. The device is easy to install and has a good filtering effect, and is suitable for small and medium-sized swimming pools.

The cycle time is the time required for the water purification and disinfection of the pool. Generally, the determination of the cycle requires consideration of the pool type and the pool volume. Generally, the swimming pool is divided into competition pools, hotel pools, private club pools, etc. Different types, users and frequency of use are different, so the cycle is different. If it is a large swimming pool, the water pollution of the pool is fast, and a shorter cycle should be taken; if it is a private clubhouse, the cycle can be set longer. In addition, it should be noted that the cycle time of the pool equipment is also closely related to the pool volume. Generally, the larger the pool area, the more water is processed per hour during the cycle.

Shop by actual conditions
Pool equipment manufacturers think some people buy equipment to see the price alone. This practice is wrong. It needs to be understood by many parties. Comprehensive consideration, measurement and then purchase, and the actual situation and budget should be considered when purchasing. If you want to buy good quality, but the budget is not enough, you can buy a cost-effective.

Check the quality of the pool equipment
Pool equipment manufacturers advise us check the equipment carefully to see if the equipment is damaged or malfunctioning. If the device can be disassembled, check the parts carefully. If it is not allowed, you can plug in the power test. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to check the product for warranty or not, and ask about after-sales service. Because for large equipment, after-sales service is very important.

Swimming pool equipment maintenance
The pump can't pump normally. What should I do?
1. Check whether the pump head can be filled with water, whether the O -ring seal of the pump head cover can be cleaned, the orientation of the device is correct, and the pump headcover is well and locked.
2. Pool equipment manufacturers advise us to check all the water absorption and outlet valve can be opened without blocking, the water level is higher than all the suction port.

What should I do if I declare an abnormal sound when the pump is working?
1. Check if the suction pipe can leak air and cause the pump to sound.
2. To see if the suction pipe is blocked or the suction pipe is too small, the outlet pipe is too large and the formation of cavitation. The water suction pipe can be enlarged or the water output of the water pipe can be controlled by a valve.

The motor can't start normally. What should I do?
1. Check whether the wiring of the power cord is correct or loose, whether the switch and relay can be opened, and whether the leakage maintenance switch and fuse are blown.
2. Pool equipment manufacturers advise us check whether the motor shaft change is smooth.

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