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Pool Heat Exchanger

A pool heat exchanger is a device that is used to transfer heat from one fluid to another fluid and at the same time preventing the two fluids from coming in contact with one another.  

As water is sent to the pool heat exchanger, it is moved throughout the duct system by an air handler that pushes heated air at the right volume into each room to ensure proper heating within the home. 

There are three main types of pool heat exchanger. They are as follows: 

1.air-cooled pool heat exchanger. and tube pool heat exchanger.

3.plate heat exchangers

In the autumn and winter season, the swimming pool equipment needs to be heated to maintain the constant temperature. How much is a pool heating equipment? The price of the swimming pool heating equipment is generally called the indoor constant temperature swimming pool equipment. The first is to keep the water temperature of the swimming pool. Between 26 and 28 degrees.

The price of the pool heating equipment is related to the type of equipment, size, heating efficiency and so on. Many types of pool heating equipment, first through the pool heat exchanger is the principle of heating water to complete. Commonly used pool heating equipment includes air source heat pumps, pool water heater, pool heat exchanger, and the like.

The price of swimming pool heating equipment, the price of different equipment, the applicable environment is different, the selection of equipment and the size of the swimming pool are connected, the processing capacity of heating equipment should be adapted to the size of the swimming pool, and the place, space and budget should be considered first. It's good.

How much is the swimming pool heating equipment? The specific price is related to the equipment selection and the type of equipment. For example, the initial investment of air source equipment is more, but the later investment is less, it is more suitable for long-term development; the initial investment of electric heating equipment is less.

However, the operating cost is subject to the price of electricity, which is not very cost-effective; solar heating equipment is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, but limited by climatic factors; gas boiler heating equipment has higher initial cost than air-source equipment, but later operating costs are more than air source. The heat pump should be less; the water ( ground ) source heat pump is also relatively high in the early stage, the construction is messy, and the cost of protection in the later period is high. The total sum, the selection of a suitable pool heating equipment to summarize considered within the premises, space, budget, and other post-operation.
In the winter, the real swimming fanatics turn to the indoor heated swimming pool equipment, and the spring and autumn and winter are the seasons for them to show their talents! If you are able to swim in the moderate temperature and fresh air in the cold winter, you can exercise properly and experience swimming. Serve two purposes, why not do it! However, while the indoor heated swimming pool, is how to achieve a constant temperature it?

Pool equipment market heating apparatus has: an air source heat pumps, electric heating pool water heater device, pool heat exchanger or the like.
1. The energy consumption of heating methods such as gas boilers and electric heaters is more serious.

2. Solar energy combined with auxiliary heat source: Solar energy heating method is environmentally friendly and economical, and can be used without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the construction environment.

3. Compared with the traditional swimming pool water pool equipment heating mode, the air source heat pump uses clean recycled raw materials ( air energy + electricity ) as energy, which will not produce harmful gases to the human body, nor will it cause pollution to the atmosphere. Get the highest heating benefits with the lowest power input. The air source pool special heat pump is the first choice for the pool water heating equipment. It is powerful, and one host can cooperate with the dehumidification cabinet to provide the functions of swimming pool thermostat, heating and dehumidification. Moreover, it is safe and reliable, and hydropower is completely separated; it can also be intelligently controlled to achieve independent temperature control and intelligent melting of frost.

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    For air-cooled heat exchangers, it is important to consider air flow when installing the cooler, and any part of the blocked core will damage the cooling capacity.

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    Swimming pool Tube water heat exchanger can use for floor heating, swimming pools, tanks with hot water,defrosting of garage roads, packing and not be tired after sitting for a long time. There is also a hook on side of the seat, the lifeguard can hang an vacuum cup on it.



    Our 10HP POOL HEAT PUMP use the most advance pool heat exchanger. There are two height of the lifeguard chair. The swimming pool standard lifeguard chair, height is 1.9 meters. To be use on the beach, lifeguard chair 2.5 meters high.

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