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Fenlin sauna heater manufacturers supply various types of sauna heater on our website. The electric sauna is easy to use, clean and very safe. Let your sauna room full of warmth, recuperate your body, make your life more beautiful.


With people's economic level and living standards constantly improving, saunas at home are no longer a dream. Nowadays, many people have their own portable sauna heater at home, and they can enjoy the same sauna treatment at home. The sauna stove is very convenient to use and relatively small in size. It is suitable for use on many occasions, even in small bathrooms. 

As a new era of innovative technology products, sauna equipment has more people to pay attention to. The development of the sauna industry today is not the same as it was three years ago. It has changed greatly in technology and shape. Three years ago, if the sauna equipment is broken, it is almost impossible to find repair parts. Because the update is too fast, the old styles and outdated products will be eliminated. Nowadays, in high-tech development, if the products are not updated, technology and core components will soon be eliminated, so the times are progressing, our living standards are constantly improving, and the pursuit is also improving. Sauna equipment is an essential product for the family. Nowadays, it has become a fashionable and leisurely entertainment project. There are many kinds of sauna equipment. Different needs are different sauna equipment. So how much do we know about the types of sauna equipment of sauna heater manufacturers? What do you use? The sauna heater manufacturers will tell you what types of sauna equipment are used.

1. Dry steam room sauna equipment
The dry steaming room belongs to the high-temperature steaming room, and the maximum temperature can reach 110 degrees. The heating principle of dry steaming is to heat the sauna heater to the set temperature and then to the sauna stone. The effect of the sauna, we mentioned here, the sauna stove and the sauna stone are two kinds of sauna equipment and can only be used in the dry steam room, followed by the dry steam room sauna equipment, wet thermometer, wooden barrel wooden spoon, explosion-proof Light, tempered glass door.

2. Sweat sauna equipment
Steaming is the most popular steaming room today, because it has the effect of health and beauty, which is loved by most women. The equipment used for steaming has electric heating film, far infrared generator, tourmaline, negative ion oxygen bar, negative ion lamp, intelligent control panel. These are all sweating sauna equipment.

3. Steam room sauna accessories
The wet steam room is a tool for modern women's beauty slimming and skincare. Because the wet steaming humidity is relatively large, the female skin needs enough water to maintain the skin tenderness. The core equipment of the steaming room has a steam engine, an acrylic seat, and an intelligent control panel. Relatively speaking, the steamed sauna equipment is the least, but it is also the most expensive. The temperature and adaptability of the steaming are the best, not dry, and the temperature is moderate, just like the feeling of the clouds.

The sauna equipment of the above three steaming rooms is commonly used accessories. Different steaming rooms use different sauna equipment. The equipment and steam rooms should be matched. Do not blindly choose. The matching of equipment should first be positioned. What do we want to buy? To achieve what kind of effect, if we only want this steaming sauna to be enough, then we can choose dry steam room and sauna equipment. If we consider beauty health, then we have to choose steam sauna equipment, the quality is good. The durability of the guarantee is relatively higher in price. If the same brand price of the same product is very different, then the FINN Forest sauna heater manufacturers is recommended to buy a high price, the price difference is too large, the quality difference will be large, the sauna equipment It is the most important accessory in the steaming room. If we buy bad quality, it will lead to poor practicality, not durable, and often cause problems that can not be used normally. If you want to buy a sauna with quality assurance, don't pay attention to the price. Quality and safety are the first, with peace of mind, safety and no worries is a good product of true quality assurance.

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