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Fenlin sauna heater manufactures supply various types of sauna heater on our website. The electric sauna is easy to use, clean and very safe. Let your sauna room full of warmth, recuperate your body, make your life more beautiful.


With people's economic level and living standards constantly improving, saunas at home are no longer a dream. Nowadays, many people have their own portable sauna heater at home, and they can enjoy the same sauna treatment at home. The sauna stove is very convenient to use and relatively small in size. It is suitable for use on many occasions, even in small bathrooms. So how do you use the sauna stove? Let me introduce you to the use of the sauna stove today.

The correct use of the electric sauna heater is as follows :

1. The diameter of the solid sauna stone to be used in the furnace should be between 4-8cm. After washing, put the stone between the fence and the heating ring. The stone should be completely covered by the heating ring. It is strictly forbidden to use loose or Porous ceramic stones should not be pressed directly on the heating ring, and the sauna stone should not be placed too tightly.

2. During use, some of the sauna stones will be broken and should be cleaned at least once a year.

3. The internal control sauna has two knobs, the left side is the temperature regulator, the temperature unit on the knob is “ C ”, which is used to adjust the temperature. The right side is the timer, the timer has two groups, the first group is immediately turned on. The time limit is 0-4 hours. The second group pre-adjusts the opening time, and the time limit is 1-8 hours. When turned on after the preset time, immediately began sauna stove heating, until the completion of the four-hour operation, the sauna stove stop the timer back to 0.

4. After heating the water only in the sauna stones, the stone does not reach the non-water temperature is in the sauna heater, matching each watering must spoon (i.e., capacity is not greater than 200 liters Ho), it was next to the edge, the absolute do not water to prevent steam from burning the skin.

5. Must be equipped with a sauna cover when using.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use humus, such as seawater and chlorine-containing water, to be poured on the sauna stone.

7. The warranty period for the sauna is one year, the sauna stone is changed every 500 hours, and the house for the home is calculated for one hour per day, and the replacement period is seven years.
Although the sauna is very good for the body and the skin, in general, it is generally used twice, and should not be used too frequently. In addition, if you have an adverse reaction such as dizziness and chest tightness during use, you should immediately stop using the sauna heater. In addition, for the elderly and children, it is not suitable for saunas. At the same time, patients with high blood pressure and heart disease can't use the sauna stove. Everyone should pay attention to it.
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